The Majority of Airbnb listings are Illegal

Airbnb has roughly 5,000 listings in Washington D.C., 66% of which are likely illegal “entire home/apartment” listings. These illegal listings drain the supply of available housing for long-term tenants.

The Majority of Airbnb's Revenue Come From Illegal Listings

Nearly 52% of Airbnb’s revenue in D.C. -- almost $47 million of the $90 million in total revenue generated in D.C. -- comes from illegal commercial listings.

Commerical Listings Make up a Significant portion of Airbnb

Commercial hosts who rent multiple properties make up roughly 40% of Airbnb’s listings in D.C. Several shady developers and property management companies are now in the business of converting our long-term housing into short-term rentals.

Commercial Operators aren't home sharing

Home sharing should be about welcoming and connecting with guests. But right now, commercial operators are rampant on platforms like Airbnb. These operators buy up houses and apartments in our neighborhoods and turn them into illegal quasi-hotels.

The Columbia Heights Sting

In a sting operation, the D.C. Working Families Party exposed a commercial operator in Columbia Heights who converted a 21-unit rent-controlled building into an Airbnb hotel. As a result, dozens of working families in Columbia Heights were denied an affordable place to live.

Airbnb is a gentrification tool

A new study from New York shows that three-quarters of Airbnb's income from black neighborhoods goes to white hosts.


Our Rents Are Going Up

As Airbnb takes away residential housing supply, we have seen rents increase as much as 100% above the District-wide average in top Airbnb neighborhoods.


Join us to protect and fund affordable housing with new legislation to curb the proliferation of illegal short-term rentals